Publication Ethics


Ethical principles for publishing the articles:

(1) Scientific honesty should be regarded and there should be no doubt of intellectual robbery or larceny.

(2) Responsibility of correctness and authenticity of matters and themes represented in article relates to writer or writers of the article and they are responsible for their writings, results, and views.

(3) The article or its parts shouldn’t be published in other scientific journals (foreign or domestic) and writer or writers of the article, until receiving the final answer of the journal, promise not to send it to other foreign or domestic journals.

(4) Omitting or adding or changing the order or even changing responsible writer of the article aren’t admissible.

Hint: After the process of edition, articles which are accepted for publishing in the journal besides the template file of the publishing article and the responsibility paper (treaty) about non-publishment of the article in other journals are sent to the writer responsible for communication. He/or She affirms the final admission for publishing the article and then no claim are approvable.

(5) Writer or Writers undertake that whole or parts of the article isn’t mentioned without exact citation and in any claim, they should be responsible