Social Apathy Creation In Iranian Interactive Process

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Phd OF Sociology

2 Associate Professor, Dep Of Sociology,University Of Tehran

3 Assistant Professor Of Anthropology,Institute For Social And Cultural Study


How do people choose to be apathetic while confronting unfavorable situations? Agents make decision about their reaction in the wide range of interactive situations which they experience in their daily lives on the basis of their social position which is understood by their cultural context.This paper aims at investigating the influence of Iranian Social Position on their cultural logic as a platform to explain the reasons behind choosing Apathy while confronting unfavorable situations. The study applies Garfinkel and Beeman ethno-methodological theories to outline this target. Data has collected through participatory observations, semi-structured interviews and reviewing research studies.. The interviewees have selected from four distinct research fields include of people in different age and socio-economic class.As findings demonstrate,social apathy is created based on agent's description of their Social Position and there are two cultural factors which help them to understand their social position:" Equality- Inequality" and "Strangeness - Intimacy".On this basis ,six types of social position which lead to social apathy creation can be explained in Iranian interactive process